Risk management

Effective fraud prevention strategy

Fraud system includes:

  • Blacklist database
  • 3D fraud control
  • Multi-dimensional fraud control rules

Fraud prevention

  • Automatic and efficient fraud screening
  • Customized fraud detections among countries and regions
  • 3D secure 2.0
  • Anti-fraud management
  • Payment security
  • Automatic block and allow list mechanism

Dispute prevention and handling

  • Order insight-dispute prevention
  • Resolve the disputes quickly
  • Fraud & dispute notification

Practical effect of fraud prevention

Prevention beforehand
  • Merchant training
  • Fraud control rules
  • Fraud detection
  • Customized risk control rules
Transaction monitoring
  • Big data analytics
  • Black and white list database
  • Consumer behavior analysis
  • Fraud detection
  • Abnormal transaction warning
Post-mortem analysis
  • Double- check afterwards
  • Transaction/Merchant relation graph
  • Merchant inspection
  • Outbound strategy
  • Fraud and preventive treatment