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Build a web or mobile integration to accept payments online with multiple payment methods.

Accept a payment Save a card during payment Pre-authorized payment


Streamline your operations with our multi-balance virtual account designed for global fund collection, efficient bank transfers, and real-time currency conversion. Simplify your financial landscape—all in one place.

Global Collection Account

Initiate global multi-currency accounts swiftly to commence the reception, conversion, and distribution of funds, all efficiently managed from a centralized platform.

Foreign Exchange

Access our services at competitive rates, ensuring you get the best value for your currency conversions.

Versatile Multi-Method Payouts

Send local and international payouts utilizing various methods, including wire transfer(swift), FPS, ACT, RTGS.

📈Business operations

Manage your business with MoneyCollect's APIs and services.

Risk Management -->

Fight fraud and prevent disputes with the strength of the MoneyCollect network.

Grow your business -->

A wide range of real-time charts provide insight into the performance of your business.

Generate reports -->

Get the data you need to complete your critical accounting and reconciliation workflows.

You can get started quickly with MoneyCollect comprehensive libraries and abundant code samples which are available for all of the most commonly used languages and frameworks.

👨‍💻Developer Tools

Get up and running with libraries, api-keys, plugins and integration tools.

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