Set up recurring payments by offering subscriptions to your service

Subscription overview

MoneyCollect subscription designed to help businesses effortlessly collect recurring payments. With our innovative solution, you can easily create and manage custom subscriptions,ultimately boosting your company's revenue.

Subscription Types

Subscriptions to MoneyCollect are divided into two types: automatic deductions (charge_automatically), and invoice sending (send_invoice):

  • For the charge_automatically type of subscriptions, deductions are made on a recurring basis, so the cardholder may need to participate in 3D verification for the first charge. After the first successful charge, the cardholders' participation is no longer needed for subsequent charges. However, if there are not enough funds in the card or if there are other issues with the card (such as it being lost), the charge will fail. In this case, the card must be replaced and the recurring process must be restarted.

  • For the send_invoice type of subscriptions, an invoice is sent to the customer's email address for every billing period. The customer must pay the invoice in order to activate the next period.

Subscription Statuses

A subscription goes through the following status changes during its lifetime:

  • incomplete: This is the initial status of the subscription upon creation. For automatic deduction types, the card's validity has not been verified. For invoice-sending types, the invoice has not yet been sent.

  • incomplete_expired:If a subscription remains incomplete for over 24 hours, it will automatically change to the incomplete_expired status and cannot be subsequently converted to any other state.

  • trial:This status applies to subscriptions during a trial period. For automatic deduction types, the card's validity has been verified. For invoice-sending types, the invoice email has been sent.

  • active: This status applies to subscriptions that either don't have a trial period or have passed the trial period, and have been paid.

  • unpaid:If the most recent invoice remains unpaid or the payment fails, and certain configurations have been made, the status changes to unpaid.

    • For automatic deduction types: If all retries for a payment fail, mark the subscription as unpaid

    • For invoice-sending types: If an invoice is past due by x days, mark the subscription as unpaid

  • past_due:The most recent payment for the subscription failed, or for invoice-sending types, the most recent invoice exceeded the payment deadline.

  • canceled:The subscription is automatically canceled upon expiration, or if the merchant has made a cancellation in the dashboard, or the customer has canceled, or the merchant has called an API cancellation.

Subscription configuration

Merchants can make appropriate settings for subscriptions and the Customer Portal in MoneyCollect's merchant dashboard:

  • Subscription Settings: Navigate to Settings -> Subscriptions and emails to perform the relevant configurations.

  • Customer Portal Settings: Navigate to:Settings -> Customer portal These configurations provide the possibility for your personalized processing. You can make the necessary settings according to your needs.

Access to Subscription Function

Please follow the steps below to access subscription-related functions

Create products and prices in the merchant dashboard

To use subscriptions, you need to create related products and prices first. For the specific creation process of products and prices, see Products and Prices

Create a Pricing Table and embed it in your website

You can easily create a Pricing table in MoneyCollect's merchant dashboard, and then embed the generated script into your page, You can quickly create a Pricing table for customers to subscribe to your products. Our script will display product price information on your page, And manage the subsequent user subscription process and payment process, which greatly facilitates the development and integration process of subscription.

In MoneyCollect's Merchant Dashboard, navigate to Products -> Pricing table -> click create pricing table

  • Select a price for one or more products

  • Set whether to include a trial period, and the number of days of the trial period

  • Set the relevant display style of the Pricing table

  • Click Continue

  • Set the configuration of payment information display and collection

  • Click Finish

  • Automatically return to the list page of the Pricing table

  • On the list page of the Pricing table, click on the record you just created

  • Click Copy code to copy the embedded script

  • Add the script you just copied to your own page

  • publish your page

Example script:

        <meta charset="utf-8">
        <title>pricing table demo</title>
        <script async src=""></script>

Use Your Own PriceTable or Other Provision UI

If the Pricing Table from MoneyCollect fails to meet your requirements, you have the option to develop your own UI for providing subscriptions.Then create and update subscriptions by calling our related APIs, but the process of creating and managing subscription payment through APIs may not be smooth. See the link below for related API:

Manage your subscriptions

You can manage all subscriptions through MoneyCollect's merchant dashboard, or you can manage your subscription through Subscription-related API.

Manage subscriptions through the merchant dashboard

Navigate to Payments -> Subscriptions,in the MoneyCollect merchant dashboard, you can query, filter, and export subscriptions. Click a subscription to enter the subscription details interface, where you can update the subscription information, cancel the subscription and other operations.

Manage your subscriptions via API

If you want to integrate subscription management into your own system, you can use Subscription-related API.

Allow Your Customers to Manage Their Subscriptions

To facilitate your provision of an interface for your customers to manage their subscriptions, we offer a Customer Portal. For security purposes, the validity of the Customer Portal URL we provide is 24 hours. After this period, it will no longer be accessible. You have two ways to obtain the Customer Portal URL:

  • Navigate to Customers, in the MoneyCollect merchant dashboard, filter and select a customer you want, click to enter the details, click copy url next to Customer portal Url, and then you can send this URL to the customer.

  • Via this API to get.

We recommend that you provide your own entry page, then call the API to obtain the Customer Portal Url we provide, and then jump to this URL. The email sent to customers by moneycollect may also contain the link of Customer Portal Url, and the validity period of the Customer Portal Url link in the email is 7 days.


You can use our test mode to test data. The business data in the test mode is completely isolated from the business data in the live mode. It will not pollute the official business data of your live mode.

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