Customer portal

Customer portal url

You can securely enable your customers to manage their subscriptions in a MoneyCollect-hosted customer portal by simply sharing a link. In the customer portal, your customers can update their payment information, adjust billing details, get invoices, and change their subscriptions themselves without you having to process their requests manually.

  1. Go to the 【Customer】 page

  2. Select the customer you want to view

  3. Click the 【Copy url】 button (This URL is valid for 24 hours, refresh the page after 24 hours to get a new URL.)

  4. Send the url to the customer

Customer portal settings

Reset: Reset all unsaved changes

Preview: Preview your customer portal

Save: Save all changes

Appearance :Go to 【Branding settings】 to upload your icon or logo and customize colors.

Business name: Go to 【Account details】 to review your public business name.

Invoice history: Allow customers to view their invoice history . Show customers an interactive list of their open and paid invoices.

Shipping information: Allow customers to update the shipping address

Cancel subscriptions : Allow customers to cancel subscriptions immediately or at the end of the billing period.

Display the company information you want to present to customers.

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