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Integrating MoneyCollect into your app or website can begin as soon as you create a MoneyCollect account, and requires four steps:

  1. Sign up for a MoneyCollect account.

  2. Obtain your API keys so MoneyCollect can authenticate your integration’s API requests.

  3. Enter your API keys to MoneyCollect API References and interact with the MoneyCollect API.

  4. Send a test API request to confirm everything is up and running.

Step 1: Sign up for an account before development

Create a MoneyCollect account from dashboard for yourself and your team members to test and develop. You will be given an Owner role when signing up,and then you are able to invite other members of your team to access this account as other user roles.

Every account has two pairs of keys: one for testing and one for running live transactions. All API requests exist in either test or live mode.

Only 3 roles can access to the API keys: Owner/ Administrator/Developer.

You can begin interacting with your MoneyCollect account in test mode as soon as you create it, but you can’t create live charges until you activate it.

Step 2: Get your API keys

Access your test API credentials to start making test transactions.

  1. Users with Administrator/ Developer permissions can access a MoneyCollect account’s API keys by navigating to the Developers section of the MoneyCollect dashboard and clicking on API Keys. Your API keys are available in the dashboard and you can copy the public and private keys for the next step. Please note that the private keys are used for server-to-server identity authentication, and they will only be revealed once and need to be kept secret.

  2. Configure your system to securely store the API keys. If any of your private keys get lost or compromised, you need to delete it and generate a new one.

If you can’t see your private API keys in the Dashboard, this means you don’t have access to them. Contact the owner of your MoneyCollect account and ask to be added to your team as a developer.

Use only your test API keys for testing and development. This ensures that you don’t accidentally modify your live customers or charges.

Step 3: Testing with MoneyCollect active API reference before integration

Use the MoneyCollect active API Reference and paste your API key to one of MoneyCollect's API endpoints, like the screenshot shown below. (Remember to add "Bearer" in front of your API key)

Step 4: Send a test API request and get a dynamic response

Click the “Send Request” button with the correct API key, then you can get the dynamic response in real-time.

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