Dispute reasons

Below you will find all the dispute reason codes divided by scheme/issuer and category.

A dispute occurs when a customer questions your charge with their card issuer. When this happens, you're given the opportunity to respond to the dispute with evidence that shows that the charge is legitimate.

For all businesses, the best actions you can take are to proactively communicate with your customers and issue refunds where appropriate, especially when requested.

Dispute reasons



The cardholder did not authorise or participate in a transaction conducted in a card-absent environment.

No authorization

The cardholder is claiming that they didn’t authorize the payment.

Product not received

The cardholder is claiming that they did not receive the products.

Product unacceptable

The product was received but was defective, damaged, or not as described.

Cancelled merchandise/services

The cardholder returned merchandise or cancelled services, but the credit has not appeared on the cardholder's statement.

Documentation required

The cardholder is requesting supporting documentation.

Credit not processed

A credit has not been applied to cardholders account for either: goods/services canceled; an advance deposit/ payment or a no show reservation.

Incorrect amount

The cardholder claims that the amount they agreed to pay differs from the amount charged.

Currency mismatch

The cardholder was advised the charge is in a currency that differs from that which they originally agreed upon.


The cardholder claims they were charged multiple times for the same product.


An uncategorized dispute, so you should contact the customer for additional details to find out why the payment was disputed.

Customer dispute

Potential chargeback or compliance documentation is required.

Fraud investigation

The cardholder needs information for fraud investigation.

Evidence submission

Refer to the evidence submission guide if you regularly lose disputes or find that your evidence isn’t relayed to the card issuer. You can also contact MoneyCollect support with examples of your disputes so we can help ensure that your evidence is sufficient.

General evidence for all dispute reasons

Including as much relevant information as possible when you submit a response increases the likelihood that the dispute is found in your favor. When responding to any type of dispute, make sure you include the following evidence (if available).

  • Order Information

Trans. Number

Trans. Date

Trans. Amount


Authorization Code

Merchant Name

Merchant Location

  • Client information

Purchaser’s Name

Purchaser’s Tel. No

Account Number

Purchaser’s Address

Purchaser’s Postal Code

Purchaser's E-mail

Recipients Name

Recipients Tel. No

Recipients Address

Recipients Postal Code

Recipient's E-mail

  • Delivery information


Delivery location

Delivery time

Tracking Number

Tracking site

Merchandise / Services

Photo of Express sheet

Delivery schedule / note

Screenshot of Signature

  • Other documents

Explanation of dispute

Screenshot of Emails with the client

Different evidence for different dispute reasons

Reason codes

Below you will find the reason codes for different dispute events.



10.1-EMV Liability Shift - Counterfeit Fraud

10.2-EMV Liability Shift - Non-Counterfeit Fraud

10.3-Other Fraud: Card-Present Environment

10.4-Other Fraud: Card-Absent Environment

10.5-Visa Fraud Monitoring Program

11.1-Card Recovery Bulletin

11.2-Declined Authorization

No authorization

11.3-No Authorization

12.1-Late Presentment

12.2-Incorrect Transaction Code

Product unacceptable

13.3-Not as Described or Defective Merchandise/Services

13.4-Counterfeit Merchandise





ReasonReason Code


4837-No Cardholder Authorization

4840-Fraudulent Processing of Transactions

4849-Questionable Merchant Activity

4863-Cardholder Does Not Recognize/Potential Fraud

4870-Chip Liablity Shift

4871-Chip/PIN Liablity Shift-Lost/Stolen/Never Received Issue (NRI) Fraud

No authorization

4807-Warning Bulletin File

4808-Authorization-Related Chargeback

4812-Account Number Not on File

Product not received

4855-Goods or Services Not Provided

4859-Service Not Rendered




ReasonReason Code


0534-Unauthorized Multiple Transaction

0546-Unauthorized Purchase

0527-No Imprint

No authorization

0517-Requested Copy Illegible

0522-Authorization Declined

0523-Incorrect Cardnumber

0503-Expired JCB Card

0547-JCB Card on Stop List

Customer dispute

0502 -Cardmember Dispute (Defective Merchandise, Service Not Rendered, Not as Described)

0513-Credit Not Received



American Express

ReasonReason Code


4798-Fraud liability shift - Counterfeit

Cancelled merchandise/services

4544-Cancellation of recurring goods/services



Diners Club

ReasonReason Code


C42-Fraud - Card Not Present Transactions

C46-Multiple Charges at Service Establishment Fraudulent Transaction

C53-Fraud - Chip Card Counterfeit Transaction

C54-Fraud - Lost or Stolen Chip and PIN Card Transaction




ReasonReason Code


D4866-Fraud Chip Card Counterfeit -Transaction

D4867-Fraud Chip Card and PIN Transaction

D7010-Fraud Card Present Transaction

D7030-Fraud Card Not Present Transaction

No authorization

D4752-Does Not Recognize

D4542-Late Presentation

D4753-Invalid Cardholder Number

Product not received

D4755-Non-Receipt of Goods or Services

Product unacceptable

D4553-Cardholder Disputes Quality of Goods or Services

Incorrect amount

D4550-Credit/Debit Posted Incorrectly

D4586-Altered Amount


D4534-Duplicate Processing

D4865-Paid by Other Means

Cancelled merchandise/services

D4541-Recurring Payment

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