1.Create a Customer

Pass a customerId to MoneyCollect and attach it to the customer.

   // Use your customerId 
   var customerId = "cus_1452880617225281538"

2.Construct data, and pay in PaymentSheet model

When creating a payment method, you can specify customer parameters to automatically attach the payment method to an existing customer.

//RequestCreatePayment object
   var testRequestPayment = TestRequestData.testRequestPayment
   //RequestConfirmPayment object
   var testConfirmPayment = TestRequestData.testConfirmPayment
   //RequestPaymentMethod object
   var testRequestPaymentMethod = TestRequestData.testRequestPaymentMethod
   //support payment credit card
   var testBankIvList = TestRequestData.testBankIvList
   var customerId = TestRequestData.customerId

   //build Bundle object
    var bundle = Bundle()

   //pass currentPaymentModel
   //pass RequestCreatePayment
   //pass RequestConfirmPayment
   //pass customerId
   //pass default RequestPaymentMethod
   //pass default supportBankList
   bundle?.putSerializable(Constant.SUPPORT_BANK_LIST_TAG, testBankIvList)

   //PayCardActivity contain SaveWithPaymentCardFragment and AddWithPaymentFragment,Support them to switch to each other
   var intent = Intent(this,
   intent.putExtra(CURRENT_PAYMENT_BUNDLE, bundle)   
   //start payment

TestRequestData details please refer to TestRequestData data class under MoneycollectSDK Demo.

3.Pay in Hosted Payment Page Mode

  1. Tap Checkoutbutton to pay in Hosted Payment Page mode.

  2. In Hosted payment pageselect the previously saved card or add a new card.

  3. Finally, tap the Pay Now button to complete the payment.

4.Customer selects "save this card" during payment

4.1 Select Save this card for your future use on the Add a new card page.

var testRequestPayment = RequestCreatePayment(
       // ...
       paymentMethod = paymentMethodId,
       preAuth = "n",
       receiptEmail = email,
       returnUrl = "http://localhost:8080/return",
       setupFutureUsage = "on",
       // ...

Select the payment card in the future, when setupFutureUsage set to on.

4.2 Click Add a new card.

4.3 After creating a new payment method and attaching it to customer, the card details will be saved to customer.

5.Return the payment result

 private val startActivityLauncher: ActivityResultLauncher<Intent> =
        registerForActivityResult(ActivityResultContracts.StartActivityForResult()) {
            //selected paymentmethods's list
            if (it.resultCode == Constant.PAYMENT_RESULT_CODE) {
                var payment =
                if (payment != null) {
                    when (payment.status) {
                        Constant.PAYMENT_SUCCEEDED -> {
                            Log.e(TAG, Constant.PAYMENT_SUCCEEDED)
                        Constant.PAYMENT_FAILED -> {
                            payment?.errorMessage?.let { it1 ->
                                Log.e(TAG, it1)
                        Constant.PAYMENT_UN_CAPTURED -> {
                            Log.e(TAG, Constant.PAYMENT_UN_CAPTURED_MESSAGE)
                        Constant.PAYMENT_PENDING -> {
                            Log.e(TAG, Constant.PAYMENT_PENDING_MESSAGE)
                        Constant.PAYMENT_CANCELED -> {
                            Log.e(TAG, Constant.PAYMENT_CANCELED_MESSAGE)
                        else -> {
                            Log.e(TAG, Constant.PAYMENT_PENDING_MESSAGE)


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