Products and prices

Define all your business and product offerings in one place. Products define what you sell and Prices track how much and how often to charge. This is a core entity within MoneyCollect that works with subscriptions, invoices, and Checkout.

Prices enable these use cases:

  • A software provider that charges a one-time setup fee whenever a user creates a new subscription.

  • An e-commerce store that sends a recurring box of goods for 10 USD per month and wants to allow customers to purchase one-time add-ons.

  • A professional services firm that can now create a standard list of services and choose from that list per invoice instead of typing out each line item by hand.

  • A non-profit organization that allows donors to define a custom recurring donation amount per customer.

Create product

To create a product, complete these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Products page, and click Add product.

  2. Select whether you want to create a One-time product, or a Recurring one-time product.

  3. Give your product a name, and assign it a price.

You can also perform these actions on the Products page:

  • Filter your products.

  • Delete products.

  • Archive products.

  • Edit products.

  • View all of your products.

  • Export a list of products data.

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