MoneyCollect dashboard

An account ID is generated for you when you create your MoneyCollect account. This is different from your account’s name and uniquely identifies your account. You can find your account ID in your Account settings.

All of your transaction data can be filtered and exported as reports in Excel format.

You can invite your team members from your MoneyCollect Dashboard and then you can manage business together. Each user role you give to your team members will have different restrictions on the actions they can take. For example, your customer service team members can access your Dashboard as Support to handle refunds and dispute responses and your data analyst or financial personnel can access to your dashboard as Analyst for the purpose of financial calculation.


MoneyCollect Dashboard officially supports the following web browsers and mobile environments:

  • PC:Internet Explorer above v10.0, Chrome, Firefox and Mac Safari

  • Android:Chrome and Edge

  • iOS: Safari

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