Startup incorporation

A seamless way to start your company.

You can start your company using MoneyCollect in 4 steps:

  1. Provide the required information and the name of the company you want, and pay the fee.

  2. Confirm the company name is available or not (if not, we'll notify you to changes it).

  3. Receive, review, and sign your company’s legal documents via email (you can expect to receive these documents, or requests for clarification about your business, within a few business days of submitting your application).

  4. Complete the Set up.

Documents needed:

  1. Organization chart

  2. Passport copy of director(s) and shareholder(s)

  3. Address proof of director(s) and shareholder(s)

Time needed: 10 business days


  • 3000-4000 RMB/ First year ( Include service charge, Secretary fee and Government fee).

  • 2000+ RMB /Years (After the first year, including audit fee and service charge).

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