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Get the data you need to complete your balance accounting and reconciliation workflows.

MoneyCollect’s financial reports help you understand and reconcile the activity in your account. You can view summary reports in the dashboard or export itemized transaction data as an Excel file.

Report type

MoneyCollect provides a wide range of reports to meet merchants’ different needs. To get started, you can select the best report that matches your need from the reports we provide in the table below. The two reports group transactions in different ways to facilitate different types of reconciliation.

Report TypePurpose

Balance from activity

-Export your transaction history -View totals by transaction category in a date range -Reconcile your MoneyCollect balance -Export a list of your payouts

Payout reconciliation

-Itemize the individual transactions (including each payout to your bank account) -Export the detail for multiple payouts at a time

Reports in Dashboard

A set of selectors and controls are available for each financial report in MoneyCollect Dashboard, including date range and currency.


Date range

This selection affects how the date range settings filter reports and how the reports are displayed within the date range.


Financial reports are based on your account’s settlement currency, which is the currency MoneyCollect uses to send payouts to your bank. If your MoneyCollect account has multiple settlement currencies, you can view reports for each currency separately using the currency selector.

When the report page is loaded, the report defaults to present the data of the prior month. You can also customize the date range of the report to a specific date by the time selector.

Reconciliation workflows

DateBalance change from activityPayoutsEnding balance of the day


+ 500 USD


500 USD


+ 600 USD


1,100 USD

2021/11/03 Wednesday

+ 800 USD

1,300 USD

600 USD


+ 1,000 USD


1,600 USD


- 600 USD(Refund)


1,000 USD

If you select a date range from 2021/11/03 to 2021/11/05, the Balance Summary would include the following data:

Balance summary-

Starting balance

1,100 USD

Balance change from activity

+ 1,200 USD

Total payouts

1,300 USD

Ending balance

1,000 USD

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