Manage your MoneyCollect account with your team members

You can manage team members and user roles in your account’s "Member management" page. You can add team members individually, or invite multiple users at the same time by separating their email addresses with spaces.

Each team member must be assigned a role when they’re added. The invitations to join your MoneyCollect Account will expire in 7 days if they don't accept.

User Role

Five user roles can be chosen when adding team members to your account and each of them has increasing restriction when they take actions.

RoleAccessWhat they can see in Dashboard


Best for business directors and company administrators who need to access this account fully.


Balances/Developers/ settings/Account Details


Best for employees who need to view transactions, balances and settlements.

Home/Payments(Cannot refund &Capture)/


View Only

Best for people who need to look up data and won't make any change to this account.

Can view all pages but cannot edit.


Best for developers who access API to integrate MoneyCollect.


Balances/Developers/ settings/Account Details


Best for specialists who view payments and make refunds in order to support your customers.

Home/Payments/ Transactions/


Note:your role is Owner.

Add Members

  1. First of all,you need to be Owner or Administrator of your MoneyCollect account.

  2. Navigate to Settings page in your Dashboard,and select Team Management.

  3. Click the Add Member button in the upper right corner of Member List Page.

  4. Enter your team member’s email address,select one user role and click Continue.

  5. The invitation will be sent to his inbox.

Delete Members

To delete your team members using the Dashboard:

  1. First of all,you have to invite at least one team member.(No matter whether the invitation is successful)

  2. Find the member you want to delete in the Member List page.

  3. Click the delete icon to the right of the member. From the resulting menu, enter your password and click "Disconnect" button.

Email Notification

You can receive an email notification when:

  • Receive a successful payment.

  • Customer initiates a dispute.

Your can configure the function of email notification and apply it on all your team members from the Profile Setting in the Dashboard.Coming soon

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