Use the dashboard

Create, send, and modify invoices from the MC Dashboard.

Learn how to create, send, and modify an invoice from the Dashboard. Invoices provide an itemized list of goods and services rendered, which includes the cost and quantity. You can also use them as a tool to collect payment.

Create an invoice

To create and send an invoice, complete the following steps:

  1. Before you start create a new invoice, you need add customer and products first, then they can be used in the invoice. So the first step is add a new customer. You can find 'Customers' in the left navigation bar. (If you have saved customers and products, start from the step 4)

  2. In the 'Customers' page, click [+ Add customer], and fill the profile of the customer who will be used in the invoice. Don't forget to click [ Add customer] to save.

  3. You can find 'Products' under the 'Customers' in the left navigation bar, click it to enter the products page. Click the [+ Add product] , fill the information and click [Save] to save the product. If the invoice contains more than one product, you can repeat the step 3 to add more products.

  4. Click 'Payments' and 'Invoices', click [+ Add invoice] , select customer.

  5. Select product, enter the quantity and choose the corresponding price.

  6. (Optional) Use the Memo box to provide more information to your customer.

  7. Choose the Due date , and add the Payments options for this invoice. You can manage your default payment method preferences in Product settings.

  8. (Optional) Provide the Custom invoice field.

  9. (Optional) Enter the Footer.

  10. Click [Save] to create a draft invoice, you will automatically jump to the Invoice details page. Click [Send invoice] to send the invoice to your customer. They can pay it before the due date you have set for this invoice. ( Once you have sent the invoice, the invoice status set to open and you can no longer make any changes to it . )

Customize an invoice

Customize how your invoices look by changing the logo and color in the Dashboard.

Invoice receipts

MoneyCollect creates receipts when a customer pays an invoice, or makes any subscription payment. We itemize the receipts for subscription and invoice payments to include line items for the payment. To automatically send receipts, make sure that you enable the Successful payments option in the Customer email and that you also add the customer’s email.

After payment, the Hosted Invoice Page includes a link to a receipt that a customer can download for their own records. You can also manually send a receipt by clicking the Send receipt button on the Invoice details page.

Invoice template

You can configure invoice template in the dashboard. Click invoice template in the settings, you can set Branding, Business information, Default memo, Default footer, Invoice due date and Default payment terms here.

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