How disputes work

Disputes work differently across card networks, but typically follow similar patterns. The dispute process involves multiple parties. We will do convey your evidence to our financial partners. Our financial partners then pass your evidence to the card issuers, if they deem it sufficient.

We reviews the evidence and decides whether it meets the card brand’s requirements for resolving the dispute. If it doesn’t, we close the case. If it presents a potential resolution, we will forwards the evidence to the card issuer. The issuer reviews the evidence and makes a final decision. As the card issuer has final say, our decision to forward the evidence doesn’t, by itself, guarantee a resolution in your favor.

The customer’s bank (the issuer) creates a formal dispute and assigns it a chargeback code, which describes why they are reversing the payment. Once the dispute is issued, the disputed amount, and a separate dispute fee, will be immediately deducted from your account.

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