Accept a payment

Securely accept payments online.


1. MoneyCollect-hosted payment page

Redirect customers to a MoneyCollect-hosted payment page.

This method offers a streamlined, hosted checkout experience for users. You can also add a brand logo to the payment page from your dashboard settings.

pageHosted payment page

2. In-page checkout

Build a custom payment integration by embedding UI components on your site.

This method requires you to set up MoneyCollect in your application, create a Payment object to manage the payment lifecycle, and build a checkout page on the client side.

pageIn-page checkout

3. API-direct

Utilize a server-to-server approach with MoneyCollect's Java SDK.

This method requires setting up MoneyCollect SDK, creating a Payment Method for different payment options, and then creating a payment. This method provides a high level of control over the payment process.

Given its direct handling of sensitive payment data, it requires the merchant to have PCI certification to ensure compliance with our security standards.



Integrating MoneyCollect into your iOS app to facilitate payments.

This method requires setting up MoneyCollect SDK in your iOS project, handle payment information securely, and create payments directly from your app.

The SDK supports Apple Pay and traditional payment methods.



Integrating MoneyCollect SDK into your Android application.

This method requires setting up MoneyCollect SDK, securely handling payment details, and processing transactions within your app.

The Android SDK supports Google Pay and traditional payment methods.


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