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The extension can send customer and card information to your MoneyCollect account, allowing your customers to utilize their stored card information for future purchasesComing soon.

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Steps to integrate MoneyCollect in your OpenCart webshop


  1. Navigation:Extensions->Installer

Select zip package to upload(File must be named

2.Upload successfully


1.Navigation:Extensions->Extensions,select payments

2.Click “edit” to Settings

3.Select payment method:“Credit Card”

  • In-page Checkout

  • Hosted Payment Page

4.Complete payments

1.This plugin is only tested on the official website opencart v3.0.x and we cannot guarantee that plugins will work properly for third-party opencart themes and other versions. If you meet any problems, please feedback to us.

2.The plugin depends on the jQuery library. If you do not introduce the jQuery file in your URL, some functions of the plugin will not work properly.

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