Multiple Accounts

Additional MoneyCollect accounts's creation and management

How to create multiple accounts

You can create multiple MoneyCollect accounts associated with your same email address easily.

You can also create some accounts yourself, and access to other (created by others) as a team member.

To simply create a new account, click the name of your current MoneyCollect account in the upper left corner in the Dashboard, and then click the "Create new account" button.

After you have successfully created multiple MoneyCollect accounts, you can switch to the account you want to view in Dashboard at will: click the name of your current MoneyCollect account in the upper left corner, and then select the account you want to switch to.


When you operate projects, websites, or businesses independently, you must use separate MoneyCollect accounts. After you create an additional account, you also need to activate this account and upload the kyc documents firstly. This new account is subject to MoneyCollect’s standard policies and pricing-it won't inherit anything from your existing account.

Benefits of creating multiple accounts

  • Separate legal entity information

Each account can only be associated with legal entity of one business. If you operate multiple businesses that have separate information, you must create additional accounts for each.

  • Easy business management

Easier to look for transactions, make and export reports, and reconciliation.

  • Payouts to different bank accounts

Each account can payout to two bank accounts at most(One for HKD and another for USD). With multiple MoneyCollect accounts, you can payout to different bank accounts.

Limits to create multiple accounts

Each user has a a maximum of 10 accounts as Owner (The accounts which you are invited will not be counted in). If you have already created 10 accounts and still want to create more accounts, you need to close one account at least.

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