Pre-authorize a payment

1 Create a pre-authorized payment

When creating Checkout session, set the value of preAuth property to 'y'.

  • The value is y:indicates that the current payment is pre-authorized. After the cardholder completes the authorization, the status of the payment is'uncaptured'. And you need to capture funds, the payment can be finalized.

  • The value is n:indicates this is an ordinary payment and 'n'is the default value.

// Use your private key
MoneyCollect.apiKey = "test_pr_NWZsa******";

SessionCreateParams params =
                            .setAmountTotal(19 * 100L)
Session session = Session.create(params);

When a payment is pre-authorized, but it cannot be captured or canceled in 7days, MoneyCollect will automatically cancel this payment.

2 Capture a pre-authorized payment

  1. Use API Capture a Payment to capture payment in 'uncaptured' status.

  • paymentId The ID of the payment you capture.

  • comment the description for capture.

// Use your private key
MoneyCollect.apiKey = "test_pr_NWZsa******";

PaymentCaptureParams params = PaymentCaptureParams.builder()
                          .setComment("capture all")
Payment payment = Payment.capture(params);
return JSONObject.toJSONString(payment);

2. Use MoneyCollect Dashboard to capture

Capture a pre-authorized payment, only supports to capture full amount. That is to say, we don't support partially capture a payment.

3 Cancel the pre-authorization

Use API Cancel a Payment to cancel the payment in 'uncaptured' status.

  • paymentId the ID of the payment you cancel.

  • cancellationReason The reason why you cancel the pre-authorization.

// Use your private key
MoneyCollect.apiKey = "test_pr_NWZsa******";

PaymentCancelParams params = PaymentCancelParams.builder()
                    .setCancellationReason("I want to cancel.")
Payment payment = Payment.cancel(params);
return JSONObject.toJSONString(payment);

You can also cancel a Pre-auth payment in your MoneyCollect Dashboard.

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