Create a subscription

On the subscription page, click create subscription to start creating a subscription.

Select the customers for the subscription first, and then select the products included in the subscription. If you have not created customers and products in MoneyCollect dashboard, please go to the 【Customer】 page and 【Product page】 to create them first.

Number of subscription durations : Selecting 【Forever】 means that this subscription will have no end date, and it will last forever if the user pays normally.

If you choose custom time, you can enter the duration of the subscription in the input box. For example, if the subscription interval is monthly, if you enter 4, the subscription will end automatically after four months.

Start billing cycle on:It represents the day when the subscription starts to be billed. The default start time is today. If you select a time after today, the subscription start time from today to the subscription start time you choose will be considered as the free trial days of the subscription.

Free trial days:Represents the free trial time provided by the subscription to the customers.

Payment method: You can charge customers in two ways. The first way is to automatically deduct the credit card that the user has saved. The second way is to automatically send an invoice to the customer's email address(The email address will use the customer email address you filled in when creating the customer) on the charging date, and the user can pay by himself.

You can also edit memo, invoice field and footer, they are not required.

After all the required information is filled in, the button will change from a non-clickable state to a clickable state, and clicking the button will complete the subscription creation.

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