How payments work

Learn about the status and lifecycle of Payments

1. requires_payment_method

When the Payment is created, it has a status of requires_payment_method until a payment method is attached.

We recommend creating the Payment as soon as you know how much you want to charge, so that MoneyCollect can record all the attempted payments.

2. requires_confirmation

After the customer provides their payment information, the Payment is ready to be confirmed.

In most integrations, this state is skipped because payment method information is submitted at the same time that the payment is confirmed.

3. requires_action

If the payment requires additional actions, such as authenticating with 3D Secure , the Payment has a status of requires_action.

4. processing

Once required actions are handled, the Payment moves to processing. While for some payment methods (for example, cards) processing can be quick, other types of payment methods can take up to a few days to process.

5. requires_capture

For Pre-authorisation payments, after the card is authorized, the Payment status transitions to requires_capture. It requires further capture the payment or cancel the Pre-authorization operation.

6. succeeded

A Payment with a status of succeeded means that the payment flow it is driving is complete.

The funds are now in your account and you can confidently fulfill the order. If you need to refund the customer, you can use the Refunds API.

7. failed

Payment failed.

8. canceled

You may cancel a Payment at any point before it is processing or succeeded.

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