Hosted Invoice Page

Use the Hosted Invoice Page to securely collect payment from your customers.

The Hosted Invoice Page provides a secure, private URL where your customers can:

  • View the details, amounts, and status of the invoice.

  • Pay the invoice using any of the enabled payment methods.

MoneyCollect assigns all invoices a unique URL that you can send to your customer. We host these invoices, which means you can securely collect payments without any extra implementation code.

Invoice URLs

When you create and send an invoice, MoneyCollect generates a unique URL for the Hosted Invoice Page. The URL includes a secure, long, and random identifier, resembling the following example:

The URL will be available all the time unless you change the invoice status to void.

Set allowed payment methods

From the Hosted Invoice Page, you can configure invoices to allow payment with one or more of the supported payment methods. You can set defaults to apply to all of the newly created invoices from the Invoice template. You can also select the payment method on a per-invoice basis when you’re creating an invoice through the Dashboard.

With the Hosted Invoice Page, you can display the allowed payment method list to the customer. This gives them the option to choose a payment method that suits them best.

Public support information

Invoices include any public information that you specified under Public business information, such as your support email address or business website. Using these settings, you can also choose to include a support phone number in customer-facing documents—like invoice PDFs and emails—or default to your business address.

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