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Partner with MoneyCollect to get long-term stable income
Partners are businesses or individuals who refer and/or integrate MoneyCollect for their clients.
Partners can earn fixed commission of each successful payment received by their affiliates.
To get start with our MoneyCollect Partners Program, you need to register a partner account in MoneyCollect, which is a different account system from the MoneyCollect merchant account, but the registration process is the same.
Step 1:
Click the 【Partners】 button in the 【Solutions】list.
MoneyCollect homepage
Step 2:
Click【Become a partner】.
Partner page
Step 3:
Create your partner account.
Create account
Step 4:
Your will receive an email, which is used to verify your email address. You can set your account password as well.
Email verification
Step 5:
Set your password.
Set password.
Step 6:
Once you have set your account password, you will receive an email. You can find your unique referral code/link/QR code in the email. When you receive your unique referral code/link/QR code, you are able to refer your affiliates, and you will get fixed commisions from their successful transactions. At the same time, you need to click the 【Log in】bottom to log in to active your Partner account.
Referral code
Step 7:
To active your partner account, you need submit your business details.
Partner Dashboard
Business details