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Your business data and MoneyCollect account activities at your fingertips

Overview of your business and your MoneyCollect account activities.

Home provides a clear overview of the key activities in your MoneyCollect account and a variety of real-time graphs giving you clear perception of your business to enable your teams to get faster business insights.
You can check the notifications of critical operation items in the top right corner of Home and there is 2 types of notifications: one is
, another one is
System notifications, including but not limited to maintenance announcements, holiday delay notifications, new products/features launched, old products/features discontinued, etc.
Activity changes for merchant accounts, including: refund reminders, dispute responses, upcoming payout notifications and not paid items about to expire, etc.

The Perception of your business

Data between today and a customized date

The gross volume is shown in your default currency. Multiple currencies have been combined using estimated conversion rates. Today is Dec 13 and the gross volume of today (at 16:00) is HK $35,749.45. The customized date is Dec 02and the gross volume of the customized date (at 16:00) is HK $420,219.75.
Growth rate is the total gross volume today compared with the total gross volume occurred on a customized date. -91.49% :(the gross volume of today at 16:00-the gross volume of a customized date at 16:00)/the gross volume of a customized date at 16:00.
And you can intuitively view your total balances of different currencies and the data of your latest payout from the Home Page.


With access to your data and clear statics from MoneyCollect graphs, you can identify which customers are least likely to churn this year, look up which months contribute the most revenue, and much more.
Monthly statistics
Weekly statistics
Gross volume
Gross volume
Spend per customer: Estimated revenue for all payments created with all customers, divided by the total number of customers with payments. This chart is shown in your default currency. Multiple currencies have been combined using estimated conversion rates.
Spend per customer
Net volume from sales: Estimated revenue from payments after fees, refunds, disputes, and exchange rate markup have been deducted.
Net volume
Successful payments: The total amount of successful transactions that occurred on this day.
Successful payments
New customers: Number of new customers created including ones that are deleted.
New customers